Hello all,

I'm not sure how relevant this is to the EAD list since developers and
programmers at your institution may already be members of the code4lib
listserv, but I figured I would forward it here.  The xforms4lib listserv
linked below is the best way to follow updates to the web form-based EAD
editor I am developing and recently announced here.  Since many of you
probably also work with other metadata formats (MODS, DC, etc.), you might
be interested in following projects that are developing XForms solutions for
creating and editing those types of records as well.

Ethan Gruber
University of Virginia Library

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Date: Thu, Dec 3, 2009 at 12:48 PM
Subject: [CODE4LIB] new mailing list for XForms in libraries
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There's been some interest lately on this list in the use of W3C XForms for
library metadata (e.g. MODS, EAD, VRA Core...). Several institutions have
committed in one degree or another to their use, and many more are
investigating the possibility. To provide a venue for more specific
discussion (implementations, code sharing, etc.) I've created a list at:

I hope we can generate some useful discussion there, and perhaps even some
partnership-building. As my colleague Ethan Gruber has pointed out to me,
there are at least four or five institutions implementing MODS editors
alone. It would seem that there's a lot of room to help each other.

A. Soroka
Digital Research and Scholarship R & D
the University of Virginia Library