Another place to begin would be to look at the EAD Cookbook stylesheets.  All of them have code for embedding <meta> tags with DC syntax in the HTML <head> element, based on elements in the EAD instance. 

The more interesting challenge for the community would be the question of how one would map EAD elements like <scopecontent>, <bioghist>, etc. into unqualified Dublin Core.

Michael Fox 

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Greetings, all. 

I am wondering if anyone out there has a stylesheet for transforming an EAD document into a Dublin Core record for the finding aid itself (top level, not any lower-level details).

For various reasons, I need to create Dublin Core xml records for some finding aids, and figure, why not just use a stylesheet? I have looked around the web, and haven't found anything useful.

So, does anyone have such a thing they would be willing to share?


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