Hi all,

We have a query re the use of the top-level "location" element in an
application profile.

Is it "legal" to use the "location" element as a stand-alone element -- that
is, not as a container for a subelement such as "url" or "physicalLocation"
etc.? That is:

<mods:location>British Library</mods:location>

The reason this is under consideration is a technical restraint we are
facing that prohibits nested structures.

None of us has been able to point to any example of this type of use. All
sample records we have encountered use "location" as a container element.

And we are divided over how to interpret what we read in the "rules" and
"guidelines" on LOC's MODS pages.

We would appreciate clarification on this.

Many thanks,
Neil Godfrey

Singapore National Library