Dear MODS community,

The MODS Editorial Committee has resolved the last issues on the table for a MODS 3.4 release. Look for a draft 3.4 Schema for community review in January. In the meantime, here are the most recent changes approved:

# Add four new values from RDA to originInfo/issuance: single-part item, multipart monograph, serial, integrating resource

# Add a @nameTitleGroup attribute to <titleInfo> and <name> so that the two may be linked to encode a name/title heading.

# Add a @usage attribute to the following MODS elements: <titleInfo>, <name>, <typeOfResource>, <language>, <subject>, <classification>, and <genre>. This attribute will have an additional value beyond its current definition: "primary". The value "primary" will be used to indicate main entry and to otherwise signal this instance of an element is more important than others.

Huge thanks go out to all the members of the MODS Editorial Committee <> in making this happen. We have some big plans for MODS 4.0, and welcome community input on the future direction MODS takes as we consider our options.

Jenn Riley
Chair, MODS Editorial Committee

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Metadata Librarian
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