Network Bulletin   No:   09-34

Date:       December 18, 2009

Subject:    News Release                                              
Index term:   Celebration of Louis Braille's birth anniversary                    

As recognition of the bicentenary of Louis Braille's birth continues, the Library of Congress is
presenting an exhibition entitled "Louis Braille: His Legacy and Influence" in the James Madison
Building, Washington, D.C., through January 30, 2010.  The exhibition's online component may
be viewed at  Please see the attached press
release for more information.

A web page listing NLS online resources about braille also is available.  The site may be accessed
at  It offers the minibibliography Books about
Louis Braille and His Invention, which is also attached, as well as factsheets, reference circulars,
and information about the NLS braille certification program.

In addition, the poster Braille Books Open Up Your World will soon be released.  A media
services bulletin will announce its availability.


For more information contact:    

Jane Caulton, Head
Publications and Media Section
(202) 707-0521
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