Hi Peggy in Tampa,

Here's what I could find on your question...  at least it fits the
parameters, except it's a novelette, not novel.. but it was published prior
to 1970 :)

Title: The Flight of the Valkyries
Author: R. L. Fanthorpe
Year: 1958
Storylength: novelette
  a.. Supernatural Stories, No. 14, (Feb 1958, John S. Manning, Badger,
#SN14, 2/-, 160pp, pb, magazine) Cover: Ray Theobald

John T - in Bradenton, just south of Tampa :)

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Subject: [SF-LIT] book title?

> Hi all,
> I got a question from a library patron:
> "When I was in High School (1971-1975) I read an SF/Fantasy novel that had
"of the Valkyre" or "of the Valkyries" in the title. I'd love to read it
again but can't remember complete title or author's name.
> It was about people on an airplane that had been lost or re-routed to
another planet. These ppl slowly realized they were there for observation.
They finally escaped by making a boat/canoe which some of them used to go
downstream and under a fence.
> Once there, they found that their captors looked like giant spiders (or
had machines like spiders?), and one of the ppl got somehow stuck behind
one, which pulled him to his death.
> The book made a big impression on me and I've always wanted to reread it,
but haven't had luck in finding it, b/c I can't remember the correct title.
Can you help?"
> Any ideas?  Let me know and thank you!
> Peggy in Tampa--
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>          -- Lewis Carroll