Thanks.... That might be it... but the title doesn't ring a bell :(

I checked him on the ISFDb and don't recognize any of his work :(

I was very surprised to read about him on this Wiki:

... a very important figure in the early SF field... and founder of DAW
books... which, I'm sure, everyone's heard of :)

I guess I'll try to locate that book... but even if it turns out not to be
the one I'm looking for, it will have been a very worthwhile bit of
research :)  Can't believe I never heard of him before...

Thanks, again,

John T

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> That would be SECRET OF THE MARTIAN MOONS by Donald Wollheim.
> ---- John T <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > Ok, this one has been bugging me for a long time...
> >
> > I'm not sure if it is a novel or novella or short story...
> >
> > It has the "feel" of Heinlein but I don't think it is...
> >
> > Definitely an old story....maybe from the fifties or sixties....  main
> > character is transitional HighSchool/College age :)
> >
> > The only part I recall is the ending....  They're on Mars... the guy,
> > interested in archeological digs(?) finds an old ship. The ship is
> > as Box-like... the ancient Martians had all "moved on" thousands of
> > earlier...  Rumors of them all jaunting off into the cosmos as
> > or pirates of some kind... but destined to return to their home in the
> > distant future... the guy takes off in the ancient box-like ship and,
> > out in space, finds himself being pursued by the ancient Martians...
> > appear as a V of ships on his "screens"... following him as he tries to
> > evade.... his ship is too old to out run them and they overtake him...
> > then finds they are the ancient Martians, come home for a visit :)  And,
> > surprise surprise, they're human...(maybe?) some Martians had gone to
> > most went out into the cosmos for adventure...
> >
> > So? Can anyone tell me who wrote this story? What's the title?
> >
> > ... and if you say it's Heinlein, I'll be very embarrassed :)
> >
> > I'd like to read it again... haven't read it in at least 30 or 40 years
> >
> > John T
> > PS:  I've already asked on the SciFi_Discussion group... usually they
> > through for me but not this time.. sure hope you can help :)