Hi all,

I have yet to hear from Joachim and Markus about joining a call on the proposed January dates, but everyone else can meet on January 4.  Therefore, our January teleconference will be held on Monday, January 4 at 10:00 EST (GMT-5).  Here are the connection details:

Access number: USA 1-866-895-0364; UK 08082348428; Germany 08001824395; Netherlands 08000226347; Finland 0800110016 (Code 5121)

1. Tasks and business from last meeting (see also action items from November meeting below):
 a. Links to examples
 b. Examples from UC-R, KB
 c. Examples of XSLT transformations
 d. Examples of METS and ALTO

2. Website additions/improvements - Clay Redding
 a. Version 2.0 Official
 b. Update on Wiki
 c. Suggestions

3. Advocacy- George Schlukbier
 a. Should we collect and post RFP’s requiring ALTO
 b. Should we schedule a workshop for ALA Summer in Washington, DC
 c. Should we announce Committee at ALA Newspaper Division in Boston, MA
 d. Update Inventory of Implementers
 e. Suggestions

4. Future Projects
 a. Schema for Newspaper- Article Level 
 b. Schema for “usability”
   ii.Section 508  USA Government Standard

5. Other business


Action items:

  1. Website review for next meeting; Assigned to all committee members to review and suggest improvements.
  2. Examples:  Committee Members to provide examples with links to frontend, links to search, results and backend XML
         * XSLT transformations to be provided by  Joachim Bauer
         * METS/ALTO examples

                                                              i.      UC-Riverside: Newspaper ALTO files with article level

                                                            ii.      KB: Newspaper ALTO Files with article level

                                                           iii.      Other EU clients of CCS

1.       Examples of Books, Journals, Manuscripts

         * How to documents:

                                                              i.      How to use METS/ALTO

                                                            ii.      How to use METS/MPEG21


  3. Schema Subcommittee:
         * Clay, Joachim, Markus, Jukka and Evelyn?
         * Markus is going to draft a procedure for ALTO updates
  4. Meeting formats:
         * Include full audio recording
         * Post Action Items and Notes on Listserv
         * LC or outside Wiki
         * Organization:  Three Major subcommittees

                                                              i.      Advocacy Group

                                                            ii.      Community Group

                                                           iii.      Schema Group

Clay Redding
Digital Project Coordinator
Network Development & MARC Standards Office
Library of Congress
LA308, Mail Stop 4402
101 Independence Ave. SE
Washington, DC 20540
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