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>Actually it looks OK, but why in the world do you list that Decca 45 as
>from London, England???!!  It obviously is an American Decca record.  It
>has no relationship whatsoever with British Decca.

Hi Mike,

      When I looked, I couldn't find a U.S. city, state for it.  As fine 
resources as they are for 45s, both Jerry Osborne's "Complete Library" 
(1959-1967 volumes) and Ken Clee's "Stak-O-Wax" (5 volumes rcd. 10 days 
ago, which really prompted this whole scanning project), which I have, are 
very frustrating because they do not include even one location for any of 
their thousands of "by label" listings.  Other than the Dirty Linen and 
Sing Out! currently active label lists, the only resource I have found with 
locations of defunct labels is Terry Gordon's,

which I found after I looked for a Decca U.S. city and couldn't find 
it.  Decca is/was in NYC per that site, so I updated my entry.  Thanks for 
the correction.

      Is there a master list somewhere in print, or on-line, of every 
record label that ever existed with start and end years of operation, 
founder/owner names, street addresses or P.O. Box style contact 
information, and.for labels which had owners who moved around, where they 
were located during certain year periods?  Probably not.  That is why I try 
to include a full address and the rest of the other details, if I can 
discover it somewhere, for every label on my page, primarily because other 
sources don't,

PS: Per Shai Drori's comment just posted, oops, yes, I didn't notice the 
"New York" on the label until just now, after she pointed it out.  I was 
careless, or had a senility attack ... sorry.

PPS: The record for owners I know about who moved around, is Stephen Powers 
and his Mountain Railroad, with 7 different addresses mentioned in liner notes,
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