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>Now, as I recall, the original post for this thread came from a chap who 
>was collecting
>(both in actuality and as digital images) information on all (?!) the 
>record labels of the "microgroove era"...?! That post made NO mention of 78's
>and/or their labels and sleeves (rather a shame given the abundant history 
>with 78's recorded/pressed for Paramount 192?-1932)...IIRC, the collector who
>originated the thread was much more concerned with the rock bands and their
>limited-quantity record issues...?!

      "all (?!)" - yes, ALL is correct, in every sense of the word.  All 
1950 LP era to date record labels located in Wisconsin, and information 
about, and/or recordings by, all performing and recording artists who have 
ever lived in Wisconsin, in every genre of music that exists, Folk, Jazz, 
Classical, Country, Barbershop, Spoken Word, ...

      I did not mention 78's because,

    1) as I understand it, most 78's in existence have already been 
documented in print, so I assumed (and from the discussion, I gather I was 
wrong), that a labelography was also just as complete in print for every 
existing 78 label, and

    2) I can contribute almost nothing new to any discussion of Wisconsin 
labels and/or artists on 78.  My entire Wisconsin 78 collection consists of 
2 Audiophile, a Ripon College Christmas album, one or two Woody Herman, and 
maybe a few others, at most less than a dozen total.

      "rock bands" - the majority of the collection is non-Pop/Rock.  It 
has more just Church choirs, grade school, high school and 
College/University choruses, bands and orchestras than Pop/Rock.  Besides, 
all 1950-1969 Wisconsin Rock bands have been thoroughly documented by Gary 
Myers, so I don't need to.

"Do You Hear That Beat" and "On That Wisconsin Beat"

      "limited quantity record issues" - maybe for most, but not 
all.  Woody Herman, Bunny Berigan, Les Paul, Liberace, The Chordettes, 
Luther Allison, Bobby Hatfield (half of the Righteous Brothers), Al 
Jarreau, Dave Dudley, Clyde Stubblefield, Harvey Scales, and the 
Fendermen's "Muleskinner Blues" have sold more than just a few.

      Other than scanning a label's logo from the liner notes, 
"labelography" probably does not apply to 8-tracks, cassettes and CD's, right?
    - Ripon College 78's
    - Audiophile, have only two 78's and two LP's, AP-10,13,50,97
    - 2,952 titles documented so far, with another couple of thousand to do
    - 219 different label names, so far
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