Hi Trey:

HHB media was sold on spindles by American Digital and they had a big sale a couple of years ago. I 
bought a couple of spindles figuring this would be my go-to audio-copy media for listen-on-the-go 
stuff. Problem was, the media was not liked by a couple of CD players I had including my big 
carousel changer in the office. And my older CD walkman units didn't like it either. Meanwhile, none 
of these players had problems with generic blue-dye discs that were even cheaper, so lesson learned. 
I ended up using all the HHB media for data-dupe runs of our conference transcripts. The duper 
drives (all LG) had no problem burning them and we never got a complaint from users who presumably 
used them in computer CDR drives. That and other experiences taught me to be very loyal to 
Toyo-Yuden blue-dye discs for audio. They seem to play in all but the oldest and/or most finicky CD 
players (they even play well in my circa 1989 Philips CD player, which is way pre-CDR media). They 
also record flawlessly in my Tascam CD recorder. And they're cheap and ubiquitous.

-- Tom Fine

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> We're definitely going to get audio off of any CD-Rs we have and go to
> a files-only system.  This is an old project that I've inherited, and
> I'm the early stages of evaluating the collection (about 400 CDs).
> And this is kind of the pilot project for that, to convince the
> higher-ups that it needs to be done across the board.  So far, some of
> the discs from this collection have slowed to a crawl when ripping the
> audio from them and almost weren't able to be recovered.
> I just wondered if the HHB discs were known for being difficult; it
> would be worth putting in my report if someone in the past used poor
> quality CDs.
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