Richard, hi.

Let's not forget that the DDS format is based on the use of special data
grade tape, if we are to believe the documentation for it.

So the use of DDS as a system was designed to be better (more robust) than
the use any system using audio DATs from some place in New Jersey, or with
some battery operated consumer DAT machine that's been left in the hot sun,
dropped on the floor, stepped on... or, (I just realized) maybe I should
throw some DAT machines around to vary their alignment. Maybe get a real
variety that way so I can finally hear some of those hard-to-play suckers.
Just kidding....

Parker Dinkins
Audio Mastering + Restoration

on 1/21/10 12:18 PM US/Central, Richard L. Hess wrote:

> The DDS is better because of what Ted wrote better than I about not
> wanting to conceal errors -- i.e. "faking" the audio in the machine.