Hmmm. Anyone know anyone who services Sony in the USA? Maybe the 2500  
is worth looking into, given your recommendation. I do have some  
difficult tapes, belonging to a client with little budget...



On Jan 21, 2010, at 9:28 AM, Goran Finnberg wrote:

> Lou Judson:
>>  a donated Sony 2500 seem dead.
> The 2500, which is one of the best ever DAT machines when replaying
> difficult tapes, has a lot of rubber o-rings in its mechanism and  
> when they
> breaks or stretches given time the machine dies.
> This is on top of any electrical fault given its age.
> The 2300 is one of the worst DAT machines ever put out by Sony.
> Its a one motor machine driving everything and Sony Service in  
> Sweden used
> to see them in the hundreds piled up in stacks coming back for  
> service and
> they came back very fast after service as they were nearly  
> impossible to get
> working reliably mechanically.
> Best used as a boat anchor.
> The Sony 2700 is one of the best three motor DAT machine ever made.
> The mechanism almost works for ever with near zero problems and  
> very good
> replay of difficult tapes although the 2500 was in a class of its  
> own and
> still is.