I have seen a copy of this disc --- no. 662.  It was in private hands  and 
went, I believe, to another private collector.  So, there may be at  least 
two copies extant (assuming the Institute did not obtain the disc from the  
private collector.)
Paul Charosh
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I appreciate this sentiment, as there are many of  us collectors who have
no Berliners. Last year during a research project I  handled the Moody
Bible Institute's copy of Dwight L. Moody's "Sermon on  the Mount" which
I believe is the only copy in existence. It was like a  magic object to
me, irradiating a special presence and property that say a  Banner record
from the 1920s does not have. 

David "Uncle Dave"  Lewis

Assistant Editor, Classical 

Rovi  Corporation

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