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> From Aaron Luis Levinson: "... It is not about formats nor is it about
> choices. It is about the elevation of mediocrity and the corporatization
> a field that was once led by people whose consuming passion was music all
> else followed from that..."

The production of music recordings is probably the least corporatized that
it has ever been!

The elevation of mediocrity is largely because access to a music career has
become available only to the upper middle class. There is no longer local,
totally listener supported music. Almost everything we hear is either
fulfilling some corporate patron's wishes or else a vanity project funded by
the performers.

The economic class who used to have the most to gain from putting really
hard work into their music can no longer get in the door. That leaves just
the hobbyists who'll take the easy way out using technological crutches
because they mostly want to look kewl and consider a career to be purely a
stroke of luck or corporate favoritism. Passion and talent are both
necessary but meaningless when so many can no longer afford to provide the
sweat equity that is always behind real musical excellence. 

Music used to be a meritocracy. Today it's a rich man's hobby.

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