If you don't track super-heavy (which will "bottom out" a Stanton 500 anyway), it's not going to 
hurt a DD to run a thinner-than groove stylus, so I'd start with your standard 78-lateral stylus and 
see how it sounds. Then try the thicker needles until you find the one that sounds best. The bigger 
problems with DD's are: 1) if the center has been moisture-soaked, the disk de-laminates and becomes 
useful only as a museum piece of dead media, and 2) the content ain't that great due to Edison being 
a better inventor than A&R man. But there are some good ones and it's an interesting medium.

What kinds of tracking force are people on-list using for DD's with a modern turntable (I'd be using 
a KAB-modified Technics 1200)?

-- Tom Fine

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Styli for playback of old Edison Diamon Discs

> HI!
> I use that Stanton 500 pick up and a range of different custom made styli.
> Bought it from a now out of business company called "78 Archival Supplies"
> about 12 years ago, I guess. I still got all the old letters with
> correspondence, all sheets and listings from them that also contains the
> whole range of styli they had in stock at that time. According to styli for
> playback of Edisons verticals, the sheets tells that the correct styli would
> be the 3.7 T or 3.7 types. BUT; when I ask spesific for the correct styli to
> buy I received a letter that tells:
> " After consulting with an engineer at Rodgers & Hammerstein at Lincoln
> Center in New York (may it be Mr. Tom Owen???..) we have sent on his
> reccomendation the following for your vertical "hill and dale" discs:
> a) 3.7 Edison Ball: this works better on Pathe's than Edison, so I have
> labeled it 3.7 Pathe on the invoice. You can also, of course try it on
> Diamond Discs.
> b) 2.6T: This has been found to work well with with Diamond Discs and in
> adition is a good alternate stylus for normal lateral recordings (so you get
> two for the price of one!). In addition, this tylus is good for many rough
> starts as well as well as some Vocalion and brusnwick recordings with
> excessive noise. it doesn't work all the time, but when it does it is a
> "miracle worker". Yours sincerely Ricjard D. Markel (januar 24.1995)."
> So this is what I have got; BUT at a later time I found this at the pages of
> a company called Esoteric Sound.
> They offer a stylus called Rek-O-Kut D5130E, that is a 3,0 mil type. It
> says:
> "This larger size is ideal for most 78 RPM records because it will play
> above some of the groove wear, while the elliptical shape compensates for
> the larger shape in the reproduction of highs."
> BUT; most interesting, it tells to work correct on Edison Diamond Discs as
> well! There is a letter they refer to as well that confirms this. Just click
> on the link above and open the document dated from 1951.
> Here are the spesifications for the Rek-O-Kut D-5130E from Esoteric Sound:
> Compatible cartridges: All Stanton 500 series, 700 series
> Tip material: Diamond
> Tip shape: Elliptical
> Stylus dimensions: 3 mil X 0.5 mil (75 microns X 13 microns)
> Tracking force: 2 to 7 Grams
> Recommended discs: All electrical, most acoustic 78s, Edison Diamond Discs,
> some 16"
> broadcast transcriptions
> WELL; this is all I've got on this subject and the correspondence I have
> kept in my files!
> ANYWAY; myself I have used both this 3.0 and 2.6, but never the 3.7.
> Maybe I should???
> Best regards
> Jan Myren