WHOOPS! The voltage stated is not relevant or correct! = balanced  
audio runs at mic level as well as line level, not spec'd as voltage,  
but line or mic level.

Sorry Paul, but I had to respond to misinformation. Perhap you  
referring to +4 and -10?

Balanced is one thing, voltage or level is entirely another. And then  
there is impedance. 150, 600 ohm, or High Z?

Balanced line level is pretty stable and relatively impervious to  
interference, mic level is limited to several hundred feet. HOW it is  
balanced is another matter entirely.

All this is basic audio engineering; professionals know what to do.  
You can't just attach a balanced cable to an unbalanced source!  
Grounding is another deep topic, simple if done right. We learned all  
this in our early carreers or education.


On Jan 17, 2010, at 3:34 PM, Paul G Turney wrote:

>  If you run balanced audio cable of good quality you can run it  
> around your facility several times with no loss. Balanced uses 5  
> volts.
> Unbalanced, however, uses 1 volt and is unable to sustain a great  
> length, although I have had colleagues say they wired radio  
> installations and recording studios with unbalanced and noticed  
> little problems, but I was unable to confirm this. General rule is  
> always use a balanced cable where possible, and connect all your  
> earths to a common point, especially through the patchbays.