From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad


this is very strange; I have just received an ARSCLIST message from Emily 
Smith that is the next largest I have ever received on ARSCLIST. This is 
because we think that ARSCLIST does not accept attachments. And sure, enough, 
although the file as received is 139kB, there is no attachment. However, in 
the raw view, there is plenty of encoded information.

I looked for the largest files in my ARSCLIST collection (now at 33630 
entries, including the dreaded "Rejected posting to ARSCLIST@...."). And it 
seems that Dick Spottswood is able to post attachments, and large at that. 
His (and mine) biggest is a whopping (whooping?) 2 MB and provides a wla file 
of Cristóbal Díaz Ayala's acceptance speech for the ARSC Lifetime Achievement 
Award. The next, which is only 121 kB, and shows an old advert in a very high 

It seems that Dick and NYPL are the only who are able to post attachments. 
What is wrong? Or differently phrased, why are we so fortunate in those 

On the subject of Emily's posting, I have been through her lists by receiving 
them directly from her, and there are mouthwatering things. I profess that I 
would like to see the items in person, but that is not doable. In some areas 
Arthur Badrock and I seem to have had the same interest, only he put his 
material to the common good by his consistent publishing, whereas my material 
actually becomes more interesting by his work in putting things in context. I 
am sure many would feel the same.

Kind regards,



> Hi
> This is gentle reminder to those of you that requested the list for my late
> grandfather (Arthur Badrocks) collection. The Auction ends at mindnight GMT
> on 15th January. 
> The list is still available to anyone who is interested, There is a huge
> amount of 78 records, books and catalogues spanning the 50+ years of his
> collecting. Many of you will have heard of his work of a discographer and
> understand just how big his collection was.
> Further to the auction lists of his private collction, there is also all of
> his sale stock, numbering again in the thousands, these items are not yet
> listed, but if there are particular items, artisits, labels etc you are
> looking for then this can be checked and the items listed for you tha are
> relevant.
> Hope that those of you who have the list will find something of interest and
> that others may also be interested.
> Please either respond on here or email me on [log in to unmask]
> with ARSC in the subject line.
> Many thanks and a Happy New Year
> Emily
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