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Research Centre Doomed

IRTeM is an internationally renowned institution placed in Rome, Italy, 
concentrating on "musical theatre", mainly opera, and 20th-century music. It 
is a research centre focussing on recorded performances and latterly filmed 
(video) performances as source material. The main driving force has been 
Carlo Marinelli, responsible for several high quality discographies. Many 
international seminars have been made and documented in publications. The 
institution was founded in 1984.

All of this now appears to be doomed: virtually all public funding has been 
withdrawn, the staff has been fired. The future of the vast collections is 

This is not just an Italian matter, although the institution is; opera and 
other forms of expression comprising music is just as international as jazz, 
rock, pop, fusion-you name it. Losing an archive and a research centre is a 
loss to culture. Those with a classical musicological education will read 
Italian and enjoy a visit to IRTeMīs website, which is still active but only 
partly in English:

An intitiative is being coordinated by Italian musicologist Anita Pesce to 
try to save this institution or-as a minimum-its collections. Kindly get in 
touch with her on her e-mail address "Anita Pesce" [log in to unmask]
to be kept informed. Alternatively, you may find her on FaceBook.

Spread the word and join the initiative!

Kind regards,

George Brock-Nannestad

I.R.Te.M. thumbnail:
Istituto di Ricerca per il Teatro Musicale
Founded in Rome in 1984 by Paola Bernardi (Vicenza 21.5.1931 - Rome 
11.12.1999), Egisto Macchi (Grosseto, 4.8.1928 - Montpellier, 8.8.1992), 
Carlo Marinelli, and Ennio Morricone, I.R.TE.M. is a non-profit, publicly 
financed institute which aims at creating a research center in the fields of 
musical theater, 20th-century music and ethnomusicology. For this purpose the 
Institute has created two archives which are open for consultation by 
scholars, students, and music lovers: a sound archive which covers the areas 
of 20th-century music and ethnomusicology, and a video archive constituted by 
musical theater documents.