Dear Paul,

Greetings. I'm glad to see from these messages that you are planning to update your American Berliner book. 

I'm wondering how best to help with discs at Yale HSR: of course, if there are any you need to re-view, that's easily managed; but I doubt that I'll be able to tell which if any Am. Berliners held here are "new" since your 1st edition. Have you any way to tell which Yale-held discs we dealt with for 1st ed. ?

Also, how would you like to proceed for information about ones that are "new" here.

With best wishes, Richard

P.S.: I've just received photos of 2 discs a friend recently found among a batch of 45's he recently acquired (a pleasant surprise for him as he had NO Berliners before).

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No.  I am simply adding material on American issues uncovered since  
publication of the book in 1995.
I believe others are doing extensive work on European releases and I am  
more than pleased to leave that research and its subsequent publication to  
Paul Charosh
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But  Paul: will your proposed up-dated version include discs recorded  
for/pressed by the European company, and discs made for Kaemmer &