I have some AFRTS 12" Lps from the Munch era.All of these are from RCA recordings.It's possible these are too.


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There are no catalog numbers per se. The AFRS discs were generally labeled
with the series name and program number.

These are labeled:

"BOSTON SYMPHONY" Number 38, parts 1 through 4

Matrix numbers:

Part 1: SS-3-4-5
Part 2: SS-3-4-6
Part 3: SS-3-4-7
Part 4: SS-3-4-8

Also etched on the discs is the program name and number, and the timing of
each side.

Often discs in this series have an etched date, but these do not have that.

No contents are listed on the labels.

--Kevin Mostyn

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Subject: [ARSCLIST] afrs 16" discs - Boston Symphony info needed

Can someone provide matrix nos./catalog numbers for the following:

Armed Forces Radio Service, Boston Symphony No. 38 [16 inch, vinyl, 2 discs,
4 sides].
GRETCHANINOV: Ecumenical Mass, opus 174   1944/02/26

label scan would also be very useful.

Best wishes, Thomas.