Further to the BWF Originator field, some DAWs such as Pyramix and Pro Tools (think Wavelab can switch this on or off) auto-fill this field with the either the workstation users details or the software version, they also fill out the other basic fields too such as reference and date etc.   

I believe that these DAWs then read this header info when looking at audio files.  If you wipe this data it does not reduce the quality of the file or usability and you can store what you like as long as it falls into the spec e.g. 32 characters (I'm recalling that spec from memory as an example and not a quote).  

For various projects we have misused this field and others to good effect when you have a lot of metadata on the understanding that the database used knows the exception to the rule and does not have a knock on effect to an audio file database.  Therefore you could store a limited amount of rights details in that field if you wish but it is not the original spec.  Wavelab does have ID3 tag type fields to store this data which is only visible via Wavelab unless you mine it.  You can also use ID3 tags in WAVs but again this drifts from the BWF spec.  If you need to preserve a lot of rights data then a tandem database maybe required.

All the best, 

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Hi Kevin,

I'm a little late in getting to this thread. You might want to look  

Page 3 has a list of suggested uses for this field and others.

Here at the Macaulay Library the  'Originator' field is used for the  
sound recordist name.

I hope this helps.


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> Hello,
> It is my understanding that the "Originator" field in the BEXT  
> chunk of
> a BWF file is not meant to indicate copyright or intellectual property
> rights ownership.  Is this correct?  Does anyone use it for that
> purpose?
> Thank you,
> Kevin Irelan
> SYDA Foundation

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