Sorry to hear that. 

You've got to keep your nerve during this recession, which is still operating in the UK. The financial insitutions worldwide have created so much caos with other peoples money.
You can be assured that the future will be a lot better, ao hold on if you can (there will be a massive resurgance in archive activity)
I liked the work he did with GARBAGE. Was Butch Vig his real name?

Paul Turney
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It's a damn shame too. I just worked in that room in September and it was a great place. Good people, super equipment and an excellent vibe. It looked kinda quiet when I was there but I did not know how dire the situation was.AAJim Sam wrote:> It's a fairly common tale by now, but I thought those into modern recordings> might find it interesting. This week, Smart Studios, which is owned by> Butch Vig, et al., confirmed that it is in process of closing. This is> relevant to the Association for Recorded Sound Collections because some> rather famous records were made there. Among them: the Smashing Pumpkins> debut album and "Polly" off of Nirvana's album Nevermind.>>,36900/>>>