If you run balanced audio cable of good quality you can run it around your facility several times with no loss. Balanced uses 5 volts.
Unbalanced, however, uses 1 volt and is unable to sustain a great length, although I have had colleagues say they wired radio installations and recording studios with unbalanced and noticed little problems, but I was unable to confirm this. General rule is always use a balanced cable where possible, and connect all your earths to a common point, especially through the patchbays.

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No idea about an audio cable, but if you use a shielded wideband digital television cable there's virtually no loss at under 100'. My playback gear is about 50' from the computer and I have no problems. Just make sure that the audio line is never parallel to a 110V power line anywhere along the run. Distance and 90 degrees between lines is best wherever possible.Malcolm*******Jan Myren wrote:> Here is a question I use to discuss with many of my friends:>> What is the maximum length to an audio cable before there will be a loss in> sound quality?>> This may for instance concern in situations where the sound card and the> hard disc is placed somewhat away from the turnable set-up, so that there is> a need for a long audio cable between the output from the phono pre-amp and> the input to the sound card.>> Do you have any good ideas?>> Best regards> Jan > NORWAY>>