Mr Dinkins,

You do make my point, which that in some cases you need these types of recorders to replay the tapes that professional recorders will not.
This is why you are wise to keep hold of as many differing kinds of player, pro or not. No matter what regard you have for their origins.
One other point I'd like to clarify is the word drop outs. These gaps in audio are mutes.

Thank you

Paul Turney

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THEY AREN'T TOOLS FOR ARCHIVES. THEY ARE MACHINES THAT WERE USED BY FOOLSFOR RECORDING MANY YEARS AGO.It's the poor quality, portable consumer DAT machines that produced many ofthe problematic tapes that we are dealing with today.-- Parker DinkinsAudio Mastering + Restorationhttp://masterdigital.comon 1/21/10 6:42 AM US/Central, Paul G Turney wrote:> WELL IF YOU DROP TOOLS NEEDED TO TRANSFER ARCHIVES YOU'LL SOON RUN OUT OF> POSSIBLE WAYS TO TRANSFER. THAT'S A RIDICULOUS COMMENT!