For examples of digitized items (from physical primary source archives and
Each collection listed has an underlying EAD which can be seen by clicking
into a collection eg
chop off the URL eg
Go to the item index eg
Click the EAD_DOC file. Some are more hierarchical than others.

For a project on EAD templates for personal archives (eg email accounts,
electronic records):


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Subject: EADs for "Born Digital" Collections

I am writing to learn of others' experience in creating EADs for materials
and collections that are "born digital."

In particular:

1-  How do you arrange your <dsc>? (Do you impose a Box/Folder structure on
the material or do you have some other organization?)

2-  How are you setting up your <dao> and/or <daogrp> links to the digital

3-  If anyone would be willing to share a basic EAD schema showing their
approach to "born digital" materials.

Thank you for your help,

Jay Burton