Corrected Version of U.S. Department of State Serials Librarian vacancy announcement


We have just been informed that the Librarian (Serials) vacancy will also be announced through Merit Promotion procedures on a separate announcement.  The announcement listed below is only for those candidates currently working as federal employees and other eligible candidates as outlined in the announcement:   

Interested applicants who qualify to apply under this announcement can find the entire announcement at the following link:

Information on The State Department vacancy announcement that is open to all U.S. citizens is repeated below.

Interested applicants can find the entire announcement at the following link:

The Department of State Library is the oldest federal library, founded in 1789 by Thomas Jefferson, the first Secretary of State.  In 1997, the Library was named in honor of Ralph J. Bunche – statesman, scholar, and diplomat.  The Ralph J. Bunche Library is located at 2201 C. St. NW, Washington D.C. in the State Department’s main building, the Harry S Truman building.   

Please feel free to forward this message to individuals who might be interested in such a position.   Thanks. 

Fran Perros
Branch Chief, Information Resources
Ralph J. Bunche Library
Room 3239, HST
U. S. Department of State
Washington, D.C. 20520-2442
Phone:  202-647-2196
FAX:  202-647-6075
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This e-mail is unclassified based on the definitions provided in E.O. 12958