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Excess List 2010-03

Savanuck Library


A history of field press censorship in SHAEF: World War II [compiled as an after action report by the United States Army field press censors at Supreme Headquarters, AEF]. [1954] 940.5405 H673


A ribbon and a star: the Third marines at Bougainville / text by John Monks, Jr. Drawings by John Falter. [1945] 940.542 M745


A soldier's story by Omar N. Bradley [1951] 940.542 B811


Anzio: epic of bravery. [1964] 940.542 S541


Ardennes: the secret war [1985] 940.5421 W598


Arms and policy, 1939-1944 / by Hoffman Nickerson.  [1945] 940.542 N632


Assignment to catastrophe. (2 volumes) [1954-1955] 940.542 S741


Barbarossa: the Russian-German conflict, 1941-1945  by Alan Clark. [1985] 940.5421 C592


Bastogne: the story of the first eight days in which the 101st Airborne Division was closed within the ring of German forces by S.L.A. Marshall, assisted by John G.  Westover and A. Joseph Webber; drawings by Olin Dows. [1988] 940.5421 M369


By sea and by land: the story of our amphibious forces. [1944] 940.542 B974


Calculated risk.  [1950] 940.542 C594


Command missions: a personal story./ Lt. Gen. Lucian King Truscott Jr. [1954] 940.542 T873


Czechoslovakia fights back  by Cecily Mackworth. [1942] 940.542 M177


Dress rehearsal: the story of Dieppe.  [1943] 940.542 R464


Five years, five countries, five campaigns; an account of the One-hundred-forty-first Infantry in World War II. Edited by Clifford H. Peek, Jr. Layout by Alfred H. Ellis. Map work by George D. Harney. [1945] 940.542 P373


General Kenney reports: a personal history of the Pacific War with maps by the author. [1949] 940.542 K36


General Wainwright's story: the account of four years of humiliating defeat, surrender, and captivity / by General Jonathan M. Wainwright, who paid the price of his country's unpreparedness ; edited by Robert Considine. [1946] 940.542 W141


Guadalcanal diary by Richard Tregaskis. [1943] 940.542 T786Q


Guam, operations of the 77th Division, 21 July - 10 August 1944. [1990] 940.5426 G912


History of U.S. Marine Corps operations in World War II. [1966] 940.542 U58H


Invasion diary by Richard Tregaskis. [1944] 940.542 T786I


Iwo Jima: amphibious epic [by] Whitman S. Bartley, USMC. [1954] 940.542 U5I


MacArthur and the war against Japan. [1944] 940.542 H939


Merrill's Marauders, February - May 1944.  [1990] 940.5425 M571


Montgomery: a biography. [1946] 940.5421092 M838


Moscow to Stalingrad: decision in the east by Earl F. Ziemke and Magna E. Bauer. [1987] 940.5421 Z66M


My three years with Eisenhower; the personal diary of Captain Harry C. Butcher, USNR, naval aide to General Eisenhower, 1942 to 1945. [1946] 940.542 B983


Night drop: the American airborne invasion of Normandy / with a pref. by Carl Sandburg ; illustrated by H. Garver Miller. [1962] 940.542 M369N


Pearl Harbor: the story of the secret war / [by] George Morgenstern.[1947] 940.542 M851


Prelude to invasion / an account based upon official reports by Henry L. Stimson, Secretary of War. [1944] 940.542 U58


Prop blast: chronicle of the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment / compiled and edited by Steven J. Mrozek. (signed by author) [1986] 940.541273 P965


Rangers: selected combat operations in World War II / by Michael J. King. [1985]

940.5412 K53


Remember Pearl Harbor! / Blake Clark. [1942] 940.542 C595R


Report by the Supreme Commander to the Combined Chiefs of Staff on the operations in Europe of the Allied Expeditionary Force, 6 June 1944 to 8 May 1945./ Dwight D. Eisenhower [1946] 940.542 A4363



Report by the supreme allied commander, Mediterranean, to the Combined chiefs of staff on the Italian campaign, 8 January 1944 to 10 May 1944. [1946] 940.542 A436R


Report by the supreme allied commander, Mediterranean, to the Combined chiefs of staff on the operations in Southern France, August 1944. [1946] 940.542 A436R


ST-LO (7 July-19 July 1944). [1984] 940.5421 S862


Saipan: the beginning of the end [by] Carl W. Hoffman, USMC. [1950] 940.542 U5S


Singapore is silent [by] George Weller. [1943] 940.542 W448


Small unit actions: France : 2d ranger Battalion at Pointe du Hoe. Saipan : 27th divsion on Tanapag Plain. Italy : 351st Infantry at Santa Maria Infante. France : 4th Armored Division at Singling. [1946] 940.542 U58SM


Stalingrad to Berlin: the German defeat in the east [by] Earl F. Ziemke. [1968] 940.5421 Z66S


The 101st Airborne Division's defense of Bastogne by Ralph M. Mitchell. [1986] 940.5421 M682


The Admiralties, operations of the 1st Cavalry Division, 29 February - 18 May 1944. [1990] 940.5426 A238


The German northern theater of operations, 1940-1945. [1959] 940.5421 Z66


The Lorraine campaign: an overview, September-December 1944 / by Christopher R. Gabel. [1985] 940.5421 G112


The Marines' war, an account of the struggle for the Pacific from both American and Japanese sources. [1948] 940.542 P914


The Marshalls: increasing the tempo [by] Robert D. Heinl, Jr., USMC [and] John A. Crown, USMC. [1954] 940.542 U5MAC


The Trailblazers: the story of the 70th Infantry Division / by Edmund C. Arnold; photographs by Chester F. Garstki. [1989] 940.5421 A753


The banners and the glory: the story of General Douglas MacArthur / by the editors of the Army times. [1965] 940.5425 A741


The battle for Tarawa [by] Capt. James R. Stockman, U.S.M.C. [1947] 940.542 U58B


The defense of Wake [by] Lt. Col. R.D. Heinl, Jr., USMC. [1947] 940.542 U5D


The historian and the Army. [1954] 940.541273 G811


The mighty endeavor: the American war in Europe / Charles B. MacDonald. [1986]  

940.5421 M135


The nine days wonder: (the operation dynamo) by John Masefield. [1941] 940.542 M396


The recapture of Guam [by] O.R. Lodge, USMC. [1954] 940.542 U5R


The road to Berlin: continuing the history of Stalin's war with Germany / John Erickson. [1983] 940.5421 E68


The siege of Leningrad by Boris Skomorovsky and E.G. Morris ; the saga of the greatest siege of all time as told by the letters, documents and stories of the brave people who withstood it. [1944] 940.542 S629


To Bizerte with the II Corps, 23 April - 13 May 1943. [1990] 940.5423 T627


Ultra and Mediterranean strategy / Ralph Bennett. [1989] 940.5423 B472


Utah beach to Cherbourg (6 June - 27 June 1944). [1947] 940.542 U58


With Rommel in the desert. [1951] 940.542 S351