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Excess List 2010-01

Savanuck Library



"I dream of the day...” Letters from Caleb Milne, Africa, 1942-1943. [1945] 940.5481 M659


A short history of the English people / by John Richard Green. (2 volumes) [1917] 942. G796


A shortened history of England / by George Macaulay Trevelyan [1942] 942. 812


Above all nations / an anthology comp. by George Catlin [and others]. [1949] 940.548 C365


Adventure in mental health: psychiatric social work with the Armed Forces in World War II, a symposium / by Betty P. Broadhurst [and others]. [1951] 940.5475 M111


Black mail / by Henry Hoke. [1944] 940.5488 H271


Britain in the sixties. [1961] 942.085 T385


Changing Empire, Churchill to Nehru / Eric Estorick.  [1950] 942.084 E81


Comes the reckoning.  [1947] 940.548142 L816


Crisis Fleeting / edited by James H Stone [1969] 940.547554 W489


Doctors at war / edited by Morris Fishbein. [1945] 940.5475 F532


Edwina, Countess Mountbatten of Burma / Richard Hough. [1983] 941.082092 H838


Empire and the sea / [by] Fletcher Pratt, illustrated by Inga Stephens. [1946] 942.073 P914


Empire on the seven seas: the British Empire, 1784-1939 / by James Truslow Adams. [1940] 942. A214


English social history: a survey of six centuries, Chaucer to Queen Victoria / by G.M. Trevelyan. [1943] 942. T812E


Escape from the pit / foreword by Ludwig Lewisohn. [1947] 940.5481 K96


Falange: the axis secret army in the Americas / by Allan Chase. [1943] 940.5488 C487


Fire in the ashes: Europe in mid-century. [1953] 940.55 W588


Four who spoke out: Burke, Fox, Sheridan, Pitt / by Robert T. Oliver. [1946] 942.073 O48


Gandhi and Stalin; two signs at the world's crossroads. [1947] 940.55 F529


Global war: an atlas of world strategy / by Edgar Ansel Mowrer and Marthe Rajchman; with an introduction by the Honorable Frank Knox. [1943] 940.5499 M936


God Save the Queen: a modern monarchy: what it is and what it does. [1953] 942.084 M624


I joined the Russians: a captured German flier's diary of the Communist temptation. [1953] 940.5472 E35


Illustrated English social history. Illus. selected by Ruth C. Wright. (4 volumes) [1952] 942. T812I


Instead of arms: autobiographical notes. [1948] 940.548 B517


Kingdom of the rocks: memories of Oppede / by Consuelo de Saint-Exupery, translated from the French by Katherine Woods. [1946] 940.548144 S137


Last chance: 11 questions on issues determining our destiny: answered by 26 leaders of thought of 14 nations. [1948] 940.55 U79


Men of Colditz. [1954] 940.5472 R357M


Nelson's captains. [1951] 942.07 K35


One great prison : the story behind Russia's unreleased POW's / translated by Charles R. Joy, with a foreword by Konrad Adenauer and Josef Cardinal Frings ; with Documents and official announcements concerning German and Japanese war prisoners [1951] 940.5472 F296


Pageant of England (1840-1940) / by Arthur Bryant. [1941] 942. B915P


Policy for the West. [1951] 940.55 W256P


Preventive medicine in World War II.  [1969] 940.5475 U58


Russia by the back door / translated from the Polish by Rosamond Batchelor. [1954] 940.5472 M235


Smoke over Birkenau / tr. from the Polish by Jadwiga Rynas. [1947] 940.5472 S998


Speeches and documents on the British dominions, 1918-1931: from self-government to national sovereignty / edited with an introduction and notes by Arthur Berriedale Keith. [1932] 942. K28


Strictly personal. [1943] 940.5481 M4495


Sykewar: psychological warfare against Germany, D-Day to VE-Day / with a foreword by Robert A. McClure and a supplementary essay by Richard H.S. Crossman. [1949] 940.54886 L616


Tempestuous journey: Lloyd George, his life and times. [1955] 942. O97


The British Empire before the American Revolution. (4 volumes) [1949] 942.07 G514


The Colditz story. [1953] 940.5472 R357


The Germans came to Paris. [1943] 940.5481 P777


The Goebbels experiment: a study of the Nazi propaganda machine / by Derrick Sington and Arthur Weidenfeld. 940.5488 [1943] S617


The Hanoverians, 1714-1815. [1948] 942.07 G798


The Soviet partisan movement, 1941-1944 / by Edgar M. Howell. [1956] 940.548647 H859


The houses of Parliament / photographed by Hans Wild, with an introduction by James Pope-Hennessy. [1946] 942.13 W668


The meaning of treason. [1947] 942.084 W519


The story of Buckingham Palace: the Royal home through seven reigns.  [1951] 942.13 P356


The story of the coronation. [1953] 942. C562A


The terror machine: the inside story of the Soviet administration in Germany / by Gregory Klimov; translated from the German by H.C. Stevens ; introduced by Edward Crankshaw and Ernst Reuter. [1953] 942.086 K65


The tunnel. [1952] 940.5472 W721T


The ultimate weapon / with a preface by General William J. Donovan. [1953] 940.55 A597


U.S. Army Signals Intelligence in World War II: a documentary history / edited by James L. Gilbert and John P. Finnegan. [1993] 940.5485 U58


WRA: a story of human conservation. [1946] 940.5472 U58W


Waiting in the night, a story of the Maquis: told by one of its leaders / [by] George Millar. [1946] 940.5486 M645