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I am attempting to locate the authority source for the term "marcorg" as used in the following:

"marcorg" appears to be the authority term for the LOC cource codes for organizations, as per the following instances from the LOC websites.

But where, if anywhere, is the term "marcorg" itself listed as an established authority term?


Source Codes for Organizations

marcorg - MARC Code List for Organizations. Online: www.loc.gov/marc/organizations/orgshome.html
oclcorg - OCLC Participating Institutions. Online: www.oclc.org/contacts/libraries/


Example 1: Institution only

<physicalLocation authority=”marcorg”>MH</physicalLocation>



LC Division indicated in text in some records.

LC indicated in coded form "dlc".

Code authority: marcorg.



<location><physicalLocation authority="marcorg">

<location><physicalLocation>Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, DC., 20540 </physicalLocation>

<physicalLocation authority="marcorg">dlc


Record Creator


All records specify "dlc".

<recordInfo><recordContentSource authority="marcorg">

<recordContentSource authority="marcorg">dlc


Help most appreciated,
Neil Godfrey

2010/1/12 Neil Godfrey <[log in to unmask]>

Can someone help us with an authority query relating to marcorg, please?

Although I see authority=marcorg in several MODS and LCWA pages/documents on the LOC site, I have been unable to locate an authority list that includes "marcorg" specifically.

The only reference we can find to marcorg at all is on the sourcecode/organization page itself (http://www.loc.gov/marc/sourcecode/organization/organizationsource.html) and within http://www.loc.gov/standards/mdc/docs/LCWAprofile6.doc. It is also listed as an "authority" source in the MODS "physicalLocation" and "recordInfo" elements.

How can I confirm that "marcorg" is an authority term and where can I locate this?

Many thanks

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