Thanks for replying, but no, not what I'm looking for.

On what authority is the literal term "marcorg" itself deemed an authority term?

There is, for example, a MARC code list for terms, names and title sources:

I can find no comparable list anywhere that lists the term "marcorg" itself.


2010/1/15 Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress <[log in to unmask]>
lists "marcorg" and "oclcorg"
marcorg points you to: which point to 
Search the MARC Organization Codes Database
(Is this what you're looking for?)
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Subject: [MODS] seeking an authority source for marcorg

I am attempting to locate the authority source for the term "marcorg" as used in the following:

Example 1: Institution only

<physicalLocation authority=”marcorg”>MH</physicalLocation>
This "marcorg" apparently refers to:

Source Codes for Organizations

marcorg - MARC Code List for Organizations. Online:

But can someone help us with an authority query relating to marcorg, please?

Although I see authority=marcorg in several MODS and LCWA pages/documents on the LOC site, I have been unable to locate an authority list that includes "marcorg" specifically.

How can I confirm that "marcorg" is an authority term and where can I locate this?

(p.s. this has nothing to do with the -- mid american regional council -- acronym)

Many thanks