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1) At which level do you structure your METS record for the SIP (and AIP, if applicable)?
IE for both AIP and SIP

2) What considerations or constraints influenced your decision?
We receive SIPs for other services as well as archive-only SIPs. Current infrastructures in our workflows and the affiliate's (submitters).

3) What issues have you encountered in your chosen method?

4) If modeling your SIP at the intellectual entity level, do you retain the same PREMIS in METS structure for your AIP or do you use other mechanisms for recording your PREMIS data?
In the current version of DAITSS we make best-effort attempts to preserve the form of the SIP in the AIP. In the forthcoming release of DAITSS, SIP METS structure is irrelevant to the AIP METS Structure. The decision was influenced by the fact that we retain the SIP descriptor (which declares the structure of the SIP) and the method employed to preserve the SIP structure wasn't worth it.

5) If modeling your SIP and/or AIP at the intellectual entity level, how do you identify representations?
PREMIS representations describing each representation are referenced from a temporary place holder for the upcoming PREMIS intellectual entity element.

6) How do you handle supplementary material such as transcripts or OCR files? As separate representations or as part of the primary representation?
currently all submitted files belong to the primary representation. derivative representations exist for potential normalizations and migrations. if a SIP contains representations (such as ones with supplementary information) they will be preserved along with representations generated by DAITSS.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
http://pim.fcla.edu is a web application for embedding PREMIS In METS and validating embedded PREMIS against the guidelines See the resources page for more info on guidelines. Also on the resources page there are schematron schema available that might be useful in a workflow that uses PREMIS embedded in METS).

The next release of DAITSS (version 2 ... hold your breath) makes extensive use of PREMIS embedded in METS in AIP descriptors. If there are any questions you have about how it is processed please don't hesitate to ask.

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Florida Digital Archive
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