PCC Colleagues,

A new question has been inserted into the FAQ section of the Provider-Neutral E-Monograph MARC Record Guide as Question 10: How are titles bound/scanned together treated? (Pre-existing Questions 10-15 have been renumbered in the FAQ as #11-#16). The guide may be found at http://www.loc.gov/catdir/pcc/bibco/PN-Guide.pdf

Here is the new FAQ:

10. How are titles bound/scanned together treated? (added Feb. 2010)

Although "bound together" titles may also be scanned together, they should not be cataloged as a unit since such treatment would necessarily be copy-specific and/or vendor-specific and would cease to be provider-neutral. Therefore, each title should be cataloged as a separate provider-neutral record and if possible, should include an 856 URL link to the specific title covered by the record rather than a link to the "bound/scanned together" unit as a whole. If the only available link is to the unit, use an 856 $3 to indicate the position of the title within the scanned image. (If created through DLF Registry of Digital Masters and other digital preservation projects, records may use field 501 as long as it includes subfield "5").

A corresponding new TIP has also been inserted into the MARC Record Guide for Monograph Aggregator Vendors as TIP #8. The Vendor Guide is available at: http://www.loc.gov/catdir/pcc/sca/FinalVendorGuide.pdf

Becky Culbertson  

Yael Mandelstam

George Prager