Joanna Kroll hosted a virtual Federal Careers event for the University of Michigan in March 2010.   The virtual event Joanna arranged built upon the success of the F2F federal career event she hosted in last 2009. 

In addition, Kim Lyall (FAFLRT liaison to NMRT) recently called for speakers to participate in another event.  

Megan Hodge is organizing an online panel discussion for the University of North Texas Distance MLS program.  The discussion will inform her graduating class about careers, interviewing, resumes, and job hunting. One evening during the first week in April, Megan will host a virtual career fair to educate herself and others in her class about the job market.  She has arranged to use Wimba live classroom and hopefully preserve the proceedings in a transcript.  Kudos to such an enterprising MLS candidate!  All this while she works as the circulation supervisor in Ashland, Virginia.

It is always a pleasure to work with such great schools to educate their students about federal librarianship.