Hi Jen,

Thanks for asking -- we struggled with this internally as the wording in the DLF Aquifer guidelines is a bit confusing.

Here's what our internal policy is (and we think it is in sync with DLF Aquifer).

If you are working in an environment or on a project where you are routinely constructing your name subject headings (subdivisions, etc. using the SCM and LCSH), then the subject element should have an attribute authority=lcsh.

Additionally, if the name element within the subject wrapper is in the naf, then the name element should have the attribute authority=naf.


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> Subject: [MODS] Authority for names as subject
> Dear MODS Implementers,
> I'm finally getting around to asking the list about a topic that I've
> been
> unsure about for some time - how to reference the authoritative form of
> a
> name for a famous person pictured in a historic photograph.
> In the MODS User Guidelines under subject,
> <
> elements.html#subject>,
> I see:
> "If the subject string is formulated according to the Library of
> Congress
> Subject Headings (or LC Name Authority File
> <> ),
> the value of the authority attribute is "lcsh." A subject thesaurus
> that
> does not include names but has an implied authority for names uses the
> designation for that thesaurus (i.e., "lcsh" means LCSH plus NAF)."
> I've long been confused by how names as subjects are treated in MARC.
> The
> explanation from the MODS user guidelines suggests to me MARC authority
> records for names are coded in such a way as to explicitly indicate
> whether
> that name is legal to be used as a subject in addition to (or instead
> of?)
> as a creator. Is that understanding correct?
> So what is best practice to use in MODS for a person pictured in a
> photograph when they have an entry in the authority file? Always
> <subject
> authority="lcsh">? <subject authority="lcsh"> only when the record is
> coded
> for subject use but <subject authority="naf"> otherwise? Something
> else?
> As may be obvious, the authority="lcsh" option for a name kind of
> bothers
> me, especially since we use authority="naf" on <name> elsewhere.
> What is the perceived best practice here? What do folks actually do in
> their
> own implementations? Are there clarifications, changes, etc., to the
> User
> Guidelines in order?
> Thanks,
> Jenn
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