On 01/03/2010, Richard L. Hess wrote:

> I think you can find many image processing tools in GIMP which is a 
> free Photoshop "competitor" and it fits your budget better. Since I 
> had a license to Photoshop long before GIMP was around--or at least 
> long before I was aware of it--I have never looked at it. I have also 
> not updated to PhotoSHop CS4 as I haven't found anything I want to do 
> (other than play) that CS3 doesn't do for me.
CS4 has one extremely useful new feature: the crop function now allows you
to correct perspective by dragging each corner of the crop individually.

This is ideal for straightening out slightly tilted shots, especially
hand-held photos of artwork or buildings.

Many simple paint operations are still missing, but as an image
processing program Photoshop is unsurpassed. GIMP is really 
not good enough, IMO.

Don Cox
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