At 12:12 PM 2010-03-01, Shai Drori wrote:
>After following the threads, I am starting a new one. I am about to 
>purchase a slide scanner and was thinking about ebaying a nikon for 
>500-600$. A friend loaned me his epson perfection 4990 photo for 
>testing and I was not impressed at all. The scans were dull, grainy 
>and full or white dots and hair lines. Am I doing something wrong? 
>Has anyone used the Pacific Scan products? It is rated at 3600dpi 
>optical at 48 bit. I would like something that can output pro 
>quality files if needed.

The Epson V700 comes with digital ice, but the focusing could be 
better for slides and films. The Nikon Coolscan 5000ED is superb and 
it comes with digital ice and auto (or manual) focus.

Dull is a function of exposure--try the Epson all-autio 
exposure...making sure that you are only calculating the exposure for 
the area of the image, not surrounding white areas. White dots are 
dust and hair lines can be scratches or um hair. The Epson V750 comes 
with a wet mount kit that can reduce the visibility of scratches, but 
I opted not to spend the extra money and I use digital ICE to deal with both.

Graininess may, sadly, be a result of the original image. Grain 
appears differently in different light sources. There is a huge 
difference between the Epson 1680R that I no longer have and the Epson V700.



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