On 01/03/2010, Steven C. Barr wrote:

> However, I'm curious...what do you gain (or expect to) by having
> your image-file archive "available at the O/S level"...?! Admittedly,
> I haven't yet started to use my digital camera (it is a 6MB camera,
> which suggests I shall need 6MB +/- for each picture I take and
> save...?!
It is probably 6 Megapixels, which at i byte per color would be 18
mBytes. If the image is saved as a JPG, that would compress to about 2
or 3 MBytes per image.

> My current computer, purchased at a sale, is probably LESS than "state
> of the art" (a constantly increasing target...?!). Since I haven't yet
> "taken any pictures" with my digital camera...and thus haven't tried
> to save any image files...?!...I'm very curious about this processs
> and any complications I should expect...?!
If you are just going to shoot a few hundred pictures - no
complications. Save them in folders by date, and use Irfanview's
thumbnails display to find them. (Irfanview is free and excellent.)

But some of us have a backlog of tens of thousands of images in various

Don Cox
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