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>The SD card does not slide in real smoothly, but that is minor IMO.

It depends on how you operate--at the church we're swapping SD cards 
all the time 'cause I process and store the stuff here rather than 
duplicating the setup at the church.

>Another thing - altho the LS-10 is said to support cards up to 16GB, 
>my experience has been to not exceed 8GB, which is still alot. I had 
>the latest firmware update. It does 24/96, but the file size limit 
>is 2GB at 24/96 (about an hour?) (not with MP3, WMA - I rarely use 
>these formats. Mostly I do 16/44.1). So when the file hits 1.99GB 
>it's over. That is so Windows 98.

This is a mess, really. The H2 does support 16 GB cards, but I don't 
like the gaps left at the 2 GB file size transition (the Sound 
Devices units make new files without missing a sample or corrupting a 
sample). The corruption is minor (especially with two recorders 
running somewhat staggered by say ten seconds) at the switch between 
file 1 and file 2, but it's there.

If you are recording more than two hours at 48 ks/s or one hour at 96 
ks/s, you need to make sure that the changeover to the next file is seamless.

>I am not familiar with the LS-20.

My turn for a typo, the new one is an LS-11.

>Really small units, short pocket size, don't have room. Larger ones 
>may have XLR, I think a Marantz model does/did?

I think the Fostex FR2LE? has XLRs and the Zoom H4n has XLRs/TRS, but 
I hear (Transom's review possibly?) that the XLR mic inputs don't 
have as good noise performance as the built-in mic inputs. Presumably 
the phantom power inverter somehow leaks into the audio.

>It is good to DL a manual before buying, if available.

Indeed AND check the online reviews.



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