I'd like to determine what non-technical factors would have in those years,
the choice of  undertaking a large professional / corporate / government
archival recording project on tape, wire or acetate disk.

I'm focusing on cost, but am not forgetting required shelf space and

(footage approximate because I'm not sure how they then packaged them)

3M products:

111 2400' hubs
111 4800' reels
112 2400' hubs
112 4800' reels
111 1200' on plastic reels
100 1200 on plastic reels
101 1200 on plastic reels

Brush "ribbon":

1200' (first version circa '46 / '47---presumably the reels were as on my BK
401: brown painted steel---
apparently an 8mm film reel)

as above for but for '48 -'49 (I'm assuming that there were packaging and
price adjustments)

Disk cutting:

some examples of prices of  professional disk cutting services (and blanks)
would be helpful. Specifically,
the cost of one half hour @ 33.33 rpm on one side each of two 16" or 17"
aluminum base acetate coated disks.

Tape Machines:

other than the BK 401, what tape recorders running @ 7.5 ips (meaningfully
smaller & less  costly than the Ampex 200A) were available (shipping to
dealers) in '48 - '49? What were their prices?


costs for the various spool type, sizes & duration for 'standard' (i.e.
Webcor), Armour (i.e. used on G.E. Model 50) & others

I'd greatly appreciate any of you sharing whatever information to which you
might have access.  I'll be pleased to eventually post all of the data in
aggregate form.

Art (Shiffy) Shifrin