From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Hello Mike, rising to the challenge!

No, I have no way of easily finding out when others have posted complaints to 
this list about this idiosyncratic feature, unless it is in the subject line 
(or else I have to wait for a longish search). But teaching us not to respect 
messages is the sort of things that makes you disobey traffic rules, and I 
suppose it may create a drinking problem if you did not have one already.

It has been stated before: those who receive their own mailing back via 
ARSCLIST have no problem at all, because they realize that the error message 
is the error (McLuhan with a twist). But those, whose system prevents this 
think that it is a real problem; they have no way of knowing that the message 
went through loud and clear.

I am apparently a much too frequent poster. Since 22 May 2009 I have received 
156 such messages. It seems it was then it started, in the middle of a 
discussion of pest control. Some pest!

Kind regards,


> Art Shifrin wrote:
> > I am reposting this because it was rejected by the evidently absurd
> criteria
> > of redundancy that 'rules' this list.
> > It happens (at least to me) too often.  IF it is again rejected, then I
> will desist from trying
> > tio share information with this list: instead
> > providing information only to specific posters.
> >   

Mike Biel wrote:
> You are not paying attention. This has been explained on the list over 
> and over and over and over. 
> I will get a message about this message.  And you will get another if 
> you post a reply.  It just happens and the Library of Congress seems to 
> be unable to fix the problem, so we live with it and keep telling 
> newbies and others who haven't been paying attention about the problem 
> again and again.
> Perhaps George Brock-Nannestad can give us the statistic on how many 
> times someone has told a poster about this problem.  Must be, what, 30 
> or 40 times at least.
> Mike Biel  [log in to unmask]