Dave Lewis wrote:
> No. This Banner was strictly a US Jewish-market label; although Wikipedia puts its founding in 1939, I always thought it was post-war. 

Banner is not listed in the 1945-1946 Billboard Music Yearbook but IS 
listed in the 1947-48 Billboard Encyclopedia of Music.  Another reason 
why not to use wikipedia as a source.

> It is not related to ARC, and lasted into the LP era for at least 8 LP releases. 

More like 20 or 25 issues.  And they were in print into the 80s.

> They were the main label for the Barry Sisters until they signed with Roulette,

Their first LP was on Cadance, before they went to Roulette.

>  and I had the idea -- don't know how -- that Mo Levy might have bought Banner in order to own their back catalogue. 

Nope.  Never happened.

> But the Barry Sisters' Roulette LPs seemed to have been new to that company and in stereo, whereas everything on Banner was in mono. Of course, Roulette was famous for gussying up mono recordings into fake stereo, but that does not provide closure to this question. 

All the Roulette Barry Sisters are real stereo.  I have them.  The 
Cadence was mono.  Banner was mono and then rechanneled into the worst 
fake stereo ever to hit the streets.

> Banner was in business at least 13 years, making Jewish records, and then they simply vanished; I have no idea if Mo Levy bought them or not. Anyone in the know?    David "Uncle Dave" Lewis

They never vanished.  They started issuing the CD versions of their LPs 
by the late 80s or early 90s. And although Mo Levy and Manny Wells might 
have run around with some of the same characters, I see no connection.

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