Tom Fine wrote:
> This is interesting, thanks for the link!

There are some strange statements here such as these being the 
cockroaches of media since they can't be killed, and that the guy 
doesn't have an 8-track player.  If the guy would buy a player he would 
find that on many of them the metal tab splices will have either dried 
up and broken or that they have become gooey and have jammed the tape. 
He will also find that if foam was used in the pressure pads they will 
now be a sticky mess which will quickly jam the cartridge and the 
machine. If he hasn't played any, how can either he or the reporter know 
that they still sound "rich and full"? And the 8-track was not the first 
portable player designed for the car. The cartridge was designed by Eash 
in the 50s and widely promoted for car use as the 4-track by Muntz in 
the 60s. But even this wasn't first because in 1955 Chrysler had a 
special 7-inch 16 rpm disc system called HiWay HiFi designed by Peter 
Goldmark.  Another example of a reporter just lapping up what some goy 
says and not doing any research to confirm or deny it. 

> I wonder what Soundscan stores still sell duped cassettes??? Over 
> 300,000 showed up on the radar last year, according to the article. I 
> don't think that many incidents are scanner errors or tabulation 
> errors. Do any major labels still sell duped cassettes in this U.S.?
> -- Tom Fine

I haven't seen any recently!!

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