Steven C. Barr wrote:
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>> I just hod-rodded one of those Fostex 8 track things - surprisingly 
>> good!
> "8-track" tapes used 1/4" tape, but arranged in an "endless-loop" format;
> they actually, being stereo, used all eight tracks (.25"/8) on the tape. 

You have not taken into account that there is a guard band -- meaning 
"space" -- between the tracks.  They are narrower than .25/8 .

> Metal
> (IIRC) portions at either end of the cartridge signaled the player to 
> play
> the next set of tracks...

In a continuous loop tape there is no "either end".  That is a 
cassette.  What they did was use a foil adhesive tape to splice the ends 
together, and this foil completed the circuit which moves the head down 
one step.. 

> this would continue (as I discovered one drunken
> night...?!) for as long as the player was operative...?!
Because when the fourth program plays the foil tells the head to bounce 
back to the top.  Sober people figured that out the first time they used 
their machine.

> I would guess that the tape, if removed from its cartridge, c/would be
> played on an r2r machine, providing it was capable of playing 8 separate
> tracks on a .25" tape (standard r2r "stereo" on a back & forth 
> format...?!)
> Steven C. Barr

Funny, there have already been 3 or 4 postings earlier today that 
discussed doing that very thing, including one that gave the actual 
width of the tracks.  21 mils.

Dan Nelson wrote:
> I modified a Viking R2R  deck with 2 Nortronics 4 channel 1/4" tape heads. Each played  2 pairs of stereo tracks (4) the other head played the alternate channels. 

Are these the quad 8 heads Richard Hess mentioned?  Regular 4 channel 4 
track heads wouldn't work with 8-tracks, 

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