on 3/17/10 8:24 AM US/Central, Steven Smolian wrote:

> Do other studios retain past work?

Who knows. Probably depends on their business model.

We make the data b/u charge very explicit with our clients, it's a line item
on our time log/invoice.

> If so, for how long?

We guarantee the ability to restore a project for a period of 90 days, with
the further understanding that we do not re-use backup media, and survival
past 90 days may be possible.

> Should unique 
> material make it the market or even to public access throgh posting, does
> this expose the studio to legal liability?

Of course, the studio has an undivided loyalty/duty to the client in this
regard. We are their fiduciary. I'm not posting the audio, I'm only
improving the provenance of the material, after contacting Mario O. to
remind her of the work that was done.

Hope this helps.

Parker Dinkins
Audio Mastering + Restoration