Banner Records appears to be active, reincarnated as Leisure Time Music, somewhere 
in Florida.  Some of their material may have been issued in Israel on the IM label.

Not on your list, but a label which has some interesting material (including
Martha Schlamme) is TIKVA.
There is a group in NY which claims TIKVA, but from comments on a website
devoted to TIKVA, there may have been multiple owners with multiple
claims to it.
I would be interested if anyone has any concrete information.
Thanks, Thomas.

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One solution is to produce reissues for release in Canada or overseas, 
where ownership claims expire after fifty yers.


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[ARSCLIST] Query regarding ownership of 78s - posted by Mike Gray

I represent the Milken Archive of American Jewish Music, a non-profit
>> project dedicated to preserving and disseminating music of the American
>> Jewish experience. A summary is attached. The website is:
>> My question relates to historical recordings of Jewish music 
>> Klezmer, Yiddish, etc.) that were issued in the period 1905 - 1952 on 
>> following labels:
>> Banner
>> Brunswick
>> Cardinal
>> Deluxe
>> Edison
>> Emerson
>> Pathe Actuelle
>> Sterling
>> Sun
>> United Hebrew Disc and Record Co.
>> Vocalion
>> Zon-O-Phone
>> The Milken Archive owns quality digital transfers of 60+ Jewish music
>> recordings that were originally issued on these labels, and the Archive
>> would like to commercially reissue these recordings in a legally 
>> way. I have some documentation about the original records, matrix 
>> etc., and I have been attempting to make due diligence searches to find 
>> current owners of these recordings. The online resources of the US 
>> Office, ARSC, and the CLIR Survey of Reissues of U.S. Recordings have 
>> generally helpful. My specific question is whether the current 
>> status of any/all of the twelve labels listed above is already known, 
and -
>> if so - how I might access that information. Would you be able to 
advise me,
>> or to guide me towards existing reference materials regarding the 
>> status of these labels?
>> I have already learned that the Edison recordings are in the public 
>> But the task of researching the other labels is proving to be quite
>> daunting, especially for a non-profit organization with limited staff. 
If it
>> were possible for the Milken Archive to avoid "re-inventing the wheel" 
>> pursuing due-diligence, then this would be preferable. Any suggestions 
>> might offer would be appreciated.
>> Thank you for your consideration.
>> Sincerely yours,
>> Paul Schwendener
>> Artist and Repertoire Adviser
>> Milken Archive of American Jewish Music
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>> (914) 833 1762