Hi Dan,

Perhaps I wasn't clear enough.

For my experiments, I plan to make three transfers using a known RIAA source LP

1) Transferred through an analog preamp with built in RIAA EQ.

2) Transferred through an analog preamp 'Flat' using outboard EQ between the
preamp and the A/D converter. The (obvious) reason for this is that the
outboard analog EQ allows one to construct numerous curves. However, for the
purposes of the experiment it would be RIAA.

3) Transferred through an analog preamp 'Flat' then creating the RIAA curve in
the digital domain. I will use more than one DAW to construct the "digital"
curve so that I can compare software platforms in addition to comparing the two
aforementioned analog methods. I have DC-7, Pro Tools and Sound Forge
at home and access to Digital Performer, Pyramix & Sonic Solutions elsewhere.
Someone has probably already done this so I would like to hear about it and
possibly save me the trouble. I'm also interested in hearing from those who
apply digital EQ to flat transfers. 

Suggestions are welcome.

Off list would be fine if this a little too off topic for this forum.



Quoting Dan Nelson <[log in to unmask]>:

> Did i miss somehing ?? 
> There is no way you can  transfer a flat file playing it through an  RIAA 
> preamp.  It  will contain low freq boost hi freq cut.
> My Op-amp Lab pre-amps are actually  flat  20 hz to 20k hz.  
> My Stanton is loaded with 47K and 240 uuf at the pre amp input.
> dnelson
> --- On Tue, 3/9/10, Corey Bailey <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > My plan is to transfer through an RIAA preamp, flat using
> > outboard analog EQ
> > and
> > flat using post EQ via software then comparing the files.