Urban myth?

Perhaps I inadvertently started one. I meant to say Lime (Calcium oxide, CaO)
and typed Lye.
Good catch!

While you are researching the internet, check out Silica Dust:

But that stuff is everywhere.

Corey “Converts lime to lye” Bailey

Quoting Lou Judson <[log in to unmask]>:

> Never painted mine, Corey.
> But wait - a cursory search reveals the main hazards of cinder blocks  
> are mold, and lifting heavy blocks. I don't find a lye hazard... Hope  
> you are passing on an urban myth! Got references? (offlist if  
> desired). I have never heard of this. Lye is in soap, after all, and  
> my grandma didn't die from it!
> There are some gruesome uses of it listed here <http:// 
>> but it doesn't seem to be an  
> air pollutant...
> <L>
> On Mar 16, 2010, at 4:27 PM, Corey Bailey wrote:
> > Now I find out that the lye used to make the darn things can become  
> > airborne and
> >  is a health hazard if all of the surfaces aren't painted.
> >
> > How many actually painted your cinder blocks?