Yes,but not everybody who puts together discographies,etc,always has the records in front of them.Often they just have an accumulation of notes,books.magazines,webpages,etc that other people compiled.


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Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Billie Holiday on Conqueror Matrix number follow up

Dan Nelson wrote:
>> The matrix number for Billie Holiday @6 oclock 22921 @ 12 oclock 1-1.
>>The flip side is Roger Pryor and his orch, "Now it can be told".
>> matrix LA1646b #6 @ 1 oclock position.      dnw

From Steven C. Barr
> And herewith from the "Abrams Files" (BH side only):
> BILLIE HOLIDAY & HER ORCH    YOU GO TO MY HEAD 22921-1 > VO4126*  -  CQ9097    05/11/38  -

In order to get proper information on a record without having to go back and forth and back and forth is to include the catalog AND matrix number in the *first* inquiry.  The 22921 is an ARC Vocalion/Columbia New York number which enabled Steve Barr to locate the recording.  The 1-1 is the take number followed by the stamper number.  Sometimes there is a letter in the middle like 1-C- 5 which would be take one, metal mother 3 and stamper 5 from that mother.  LA1646b is a Burnswick-style ARC Los Angeles matrix with the b indicating the second take.  The 6 is probably a stamper number. 
Title and artist is rarely enough to properly identify a recording, and I wish more catalogers would realize it.  It is why we have to look at the record, not just hear it, if your catalog listing doesn't give enough data. 
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>>> This Billie Holiday Conqueror would seem to be a release of  the 1938  Voc/Ok 4126 recording,
>>>            In addition to country (Acuff etc,) the Conqueror 9000 series  included Guy Lombardo,
>>> Sammy Kaye, Slim and Slam, Chick Bullock, most common;y only one side of the major issue.
>>>              In one case  - Conqueror c 9179, "Hold Tight!", Sidney Bechet  a h O,
>>> the label states - at 9 o'clock  "Distributed in the U.S. A.  by Brunswick Record Corp."  and at 3
>>> p'clock, " \Produced by Master  Records, Inc." The reverse "You're A Sweet Little Headache" by Dick Barrie a h O, does not have such information - nor have I noticed it  elsewhere.
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>> Master Records was set up by <forget> who was also Duke Ellindton's
>> management. It offered the Master and Variety labels, but
>> only for a few months in the beginning of the project; thereafter, the
>> recordings appeared on Brunswick (with "m" prefixed catalog numbers)...or on
>> Vocalion, with "v" prefixed catalog numbers. The whole operation had faded
>> away by 1941!  Steven C. Barr