Thanks Dave,

I sent a query to them, but have not received an answer yet. I also posted the query on their forum.
I will let you now when I get an answer and post it to this list.


9 mar 2010 kl. 06.00:

> Date:    Mon, 8 Mar 2010 15:26:29 -0800
> From:    Dave Kesner <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: Re: Metadata handling in BIAS Peak
> Hi Tommy,
> I also use PEAK for re-mastering & adding metadata.
> Unfortunately I use the program differently in that I'm not typically using
> playlists as opposed to individual soundfiles, so I can't really help you.
> That said, I've always found BIAS's tech support to be very good, so I'd
> encourage you to contact them - I think you'll find either the solution to
> your problem or they'll be able to point you in the right direction,
> Dave
> On 3/8/10 12:37 AM, "Tommy Sj÷berg" <[log in to unmask]>
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I want to export metadata from wave audio files into our database application
>> to enable access to cuts residing anywhere in the audiofile. Ideally, I'd like
>> to see a text file comprising start time and end time for the cut, expressed
>> in the format, and some identifier for the cut, possibly just a
>> number.
>> I've tried to reach this goal in Bias Peak, by defining regions, creating a
>> playlist of regions and exporting the playlist as a report. The problem is
>> that the playlist stacks the regions, one after another, and don't care if
>> I've left portions of the audio file outside of regions, which I do if they
>> contain i.e. silence or noise. So the total time of the playlist events is
>> shorter than the file length, and a cut is given an earlier starting time than
>> when the region was created. In essence, the playlist event does not retain
>> its proper starting time. An extreme example would be if I created a region
>> towards the end of the file, say at time 00:12:20:000 in a 15 minute file. In
>> the playlist this region will start at time 00:00:00.000, and when using this
>> data, playback will start from the beginning of the file instead of where the
>> cut is defined. Granted the playlist is meant for creating CD's (I guess
>> that's way it expresses fractions of seconds in CDframes by default).
>> My query therefore is simply: can I achieve my goal with Peak, and if so, how?
>> Regards,
>> Tommy Sjoberg
>> Folkmusikens hus
>> Rattvik, Sweden
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